My Realization 
  〜内なる自分への気づき 本当の自分に会うために〜
  Spiritual Journey

“I practice Angel healing and Sound healing.  I believed that my chakras were open and energy was flowing well however I realized that I needed to have deeper emotional release through the course.

It is wonderful to be able to feel deeper love, joy and appreciation in each cell of my body through the emotional release. The great parts of this course were that tailored to my needs and took me to the stage to have new realizations. I feel my energy level is increased.

 I definitely cultivated the power of unconditional love and affection. 

Thank you to the Self Realizatoin Course!  Love, Thanks, Light, Power & Joy..”

Sound Healer . Angel Koko, Sydney

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"When I was really depressed and lost my way, I prayed to God for help.

Asami, Self Realization Course, happened to appear just like she knew that I needed to get messages.

I had things that I didn’t understand at the course however some situations in the later days brought me up to realize what it exactly meant. It was a big surprise when I really face to the realization.

The way Asami guided in the meditation made me feel at ease, peaceful in mind and helped me to find solutions for my hardship.  It had been most important for me as a virtue loving  and caring the others at first without caring myself until I attended this course. My top priority was to think about others, my children and husband, their joy, happiness and health. Even though it was beyond my capacity, I still made so much effort to prioritize the others. I didn’t care about my health at all, although I cared about others’ health. I thought this was why both of my soul and body gradually became so weak as my heart beats irregular. After learning meditation from her, and with all her treatment, I found that loving myself was as important as loving others. Once I realized it, l could love myself and the others more naturally than ever before. The condition of my health is getting better as well. I appreciate her so much for giving me this change and for her thoughtful meditation. Thank you, Asami !  I’m looking forward to seeing you again, as I love the time with you and listen to your words."

R N, Sydney

There are two major changes on my life after I took Self Realization Course.

One of them is that my mind is not so much to be tossing around by the negative issues and happenings around me anymore.

I used to focus and blame the negative issues when something happened around me this gave me only the misery and the stress. Then I had to handle those negative emotional issues that I created.

However, after I learned that my vibration (some kind of frequency) was resonating those negative happenings in other words, I was attracting the negative situations.

This means whatever I react is the message to me to look closer and within myself.

Since I learned the theory I started to use it and always say to me “Which is the part of my vibration resonating to this issue for this time?  What is the message?”

My focus is not outside world but within myself now.

This process was a fun journey and found out that I had realizations in my meditation and everyday life. 

This habit established a strong centre of me.

I still feel emotions but the way of handling is totally different and easy to come back to my strong centre the comfortable zone with love.

The second change is the negative emotion coming out within myself.

I used to judge myself for those negative emotions.

I should be better to my kids and I am not good… and so on.

When they were too much I just put lids on or tried to forget them but unfortunately they are still there.

What I can do now is that I just look at the way I am without any judgement.

This is the act of acceptance.

The acceptance creates positive vibration and opposite to judgement with the creation of negative vibration.

Just to look at A part of my negative emotion without judgement, then it’s fading away.

You feel other negative emotion which might be undelayed then just look at it without any judgement and it will fade away.

I feel warm and peaceful feelings in my heart when this is happing.

Once you experience it you know how enjoyable this is.

This was very simple however to do this in meditation needs a little training and understanding the theory before the meditation training was very useful and made it very easy.

I am still living in the same house with the same family however  my happiness is a lot bigger and the relationship to my children became really good.

I really feel that it’s quicker or it’s the only way to change the others is to change myself.

Y.L   Sydney

I have been told that I am restless and making people tired to be with since my childhood.

I never thought that I could sit quietly to meditate.

However I was introduced a meditation course by Asami after having too much issue to handle and being in depression too long.

Strange to say, I started noticing the changes around me in everyday life as soon as I decided to attend the course

My daughter commented that my eyes became so calm, gentle and feels the positive energy.

I feel joy and happiness to be able to look for fun everyday instead of having burden.

I have been having insomnia problem, so I tend to focus about how many hours I sleep every day which created me a constant dilemma. I am now very relaxed about the amount of sleep and can appreciate for one hour sleep that I have.

The opportunity to meet Asami and her Meditation became so precious to me.

S.K. Sydney

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