My Realization 
   〜内なる自分への気づき 本当の自分に会うために〜 
   Spiritual Journey

Self Realization Meditation course <3 Days 16Hours  $500
This Meditation training is aiming you to go beyond the mind by resonating high dimensional energy under the deep meditation stage.  This allows you to be able to solve and heal issues in everyday life.

The lecture includes;

Sounds resonance theory.
How to grow inner capacity.
The mechanism of our Mind.
How our Energy sifting occurs. And a lot more…

The Out Comes;
To be able to feel and apply the knowledges from the lecture onto everyday life as wisdom.
You can confirm that your life is happier and have more confident.

 This meditation is not only Relaxation but also allows your mind to be free and gives you the answers.

     ● Day 1:5Hours Lectures
     ● Day 2:5Hours Lectures & Meditation Training 

     ● Day 3:5Hours Lectures & Meditation Training 
     ● 2 weeks after the course: 1 hour follow up lesson

 ・   You may contact by Email or phone for any queries about your meditation training during and after the course.
 ・   One 2-hour private session every month for the first six months after the course is recommended.
   (Please see below for the cost.)  
 ・   Skype Session is available. (Please contact the detail.)

Follow-Up Private Meditation Session   2Hours  $60
 This course is recommended for those who have attended three days Self Realization Meditation Course.

Refresher Course                     1 Day - 5 Hours  $180

 This course offers to review and update the Meditation technique which helps to clear and go beyond the mind. 

 For further information, please contact by e-mail.

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