My Realization 
    〜内なる自分への気づき 本当の自分に会うために〜 
    Spiritual Journey

                                                           Self Realization Meditation Course Detail

All the answers are within you…

Meditation and Spiritual Journey…

Self Realization Meditation is the Key
to focus on the centre and go beyond the mind.

Have you ever experienced Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Psychic Readings, Acupuncture, various Massages, Motivation or Self-Improvement Seminars?
There are so many holistic healing methods around the world.

It is said that there are as many healing methods as the number of people on earth.
Have you found one that suits you?

Once you are healed mentally and/or physically, you may face similar or new issues that could arise again.
It seems that you are going around in circles.

You might not have found the answer as to why you have been healed or

what you are supposed to do after…

Awareness is the answer.

When you pray, you ask for something;

 when you meditate you are simply centered in your being.

During meditation, other things are unimportant. 
You are simply aware.

Awareness is purely subjective.

It is grounding in your being.
It is centering in your being.
It has no object, but is pure subjectivity.

Standing inside your being, you burn brightly;

the flame has no smoke; in your light, the whole of life becomes clear.

Siddha Master Yogmata

Do you wish you could find a way out? 
The answer is to go beyond 'the mind’.

Infinite possibilities lie hidden within each of us.

If you love and care about yourself, you will naturally care about others.

You cannot be happy alone, only in a happy world.
If you care about happiness, you will be concerned about that of others.

Happiness is possible only in a happy climate, a result of love.
With the first love being love for oneself, other loves follow.

The mind is the restless state of the soul;

the soul is the tranquil state of the mind.

When consciousness is disturbed, agitated, and tempestuous, it is mind.

The restless mind takes numerous forms, including that of ego and intellect.
The atman and mind are not separate because the substance,

essence, and reality are one;
they are transformations of the same.

Thus, if you know the one,
your conflicts involving the body or mind will come to an end.

Once you recognize the one, then it alone remains.

Try to understand that weakness wants to be strong,

inferiority wants to be superior,
and ignorance wants to be knowledgeable.

Siddha Master Yogmata

Happiness is of the mind.
Joy is of the heart.
Bliss is of the soul.

Those Happiness and Joy will disappear when the situation changes.
The level of bliss never disappears or changes its degree forever in your soul.

Siddha Master Yogmata

How can you go beyond the 'mind ‘? 
The answer is Meditation.

Meditation is the only bridge between you and the master.

It is the state of no knowing,
a pure space undisturbed by knowledge.

Meditation attains perfection just when it becomes unnecessary,
at the very moment of self-realization, or Samadhi. 

But you only can reach the state of full self-realization through meditation.

Siddha Master Yogmata

After you go beyond 'the Mind’,
You face only the Truth.

Knowledge creates distance. 
 It is to understand the very secret of meditation.
Reality is that which you have projected, it is projected thinking;

 it is your interpretation of Truth.

Truth is simply that which is reality; it is your idea of Truth.
Realities are many, as many as there are minds.

But there is one Truth, which is only when the mind is not there.
It is the mind that keeps you separate from me, others, and existence.

If you look through the mind, then you will be presented

by the mind with a picture of Truth that will be only a picture.
It will be like a photograph of that which is.

But remember that a photograph depends on the camera,

 the film, the chemicals used, how the photo has been developed,
how it has been printed, who did the printing, and a thousand other factors.

It is this picture of Truth that becomes reality.  

Siddha Master Yogmata

Then you reach ‘Nothingness’.

Meditation is the nothingness of life.
Death is the point at which knowledge fails,

and when knowledge fails, the mind fails.
And when the mind fails,

there is the possibility of Truth penetrating you.

Nothingness is not empty, it is full.

 It is overflowing.
Never for a moment believe that nothingness is a negative state.

Form disappears and only the formless remain;

definitions disappear, with the undefined remaining.

Siddha Master Yogmata

After ten years of Meditation practice based on Yoga, Various Energy Healings and Transformation/Transpersonal Meditation,

I have received a gift from the Universe to share the Meditation to make you your own healer.

Meditation can be very difficult and boring for some, yet Self Realization Awareness Meditation does not give you any chances to let your mind wonder during the full guiding meditation.

What you can learn from the Self Realization Course…

You learn the Energy resonance theory from various directions to understand why the energy shifting and healing Awareness occurs.

 Some people might say that they have already learnt the theory.
However they are often knowledge based and always too difficult to apply in everyday life.

This special guiding meditation will be a great application to start to transform your knowledge into the wisdom.Followed by the theory.

You go beyond the body and the mind to feel bliss and unconditional love.
The benefits from Meditation;

・Allows your mind to be free.
・Gives you the answers.
・Increases intuition.
・Gives a strong centred mind.
・Restores your calm and inner peace.
・Clears your mind.
・Expands the capacity of awareness.
・Raises the pain threshold and reduces your Biological Age.
・Meditation takes you to Zero Point.

  And a lot more......


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